Soleus Air CFM-40 40-Pint Dehumidifier Review

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When moisture is an issue then the Soleus Air CFM-40 40-Pint Dehumidifier is your best solution. This unit is able to remove up to 40 pints of moisture from your room in a day. It is therefore ideal for places where the moisture content is quite high. It features an automatic shut off when the reservoir is full so there is no risk of overflow. This is great so that you do not end up with mopping issues after dehumidifying.

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Soleus Air CFM-40 Dehumidifier Features

One of the greatest features of the Soleus CFM-40 is that it is able to work in low temperatures of up to 41 degrees. It also has an adjustable humidistat and an automatic defrost. The fact that it can work in a variety of temperature ranges is a great feature since you can use it practically all year through no matter the prevailing season. This also allows you to use it in rooms with different humidity levels. The humidistat can be adjusted to 3 levels.

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The washable filter fitted in the Soleus Air CFM-40 Dehumidifier is a great economic feature. You do not have to change your filter for a long time, just wash it clean and it works as great as new. It is a light weight unit that can be ported to any room as required courtesy of the caster wheels fitted under the unit and the fact that it weighs just less than 31 pounds. It works well and in a fairly quiet way in fact it uses the whisper technology so you barely know that it is there.

The Soleus Air 40-Pint Dehumidifier is environmentally friendly and it uses non-CFC refrigerant that reduces pollution. The unit also is very user-friendly and sets up quite easily. It has a manual, soft touch control panel and includes a full one year warranty.

Soleus Air CFM-40 Dehumidifier Review

There are numerous rave reviews on on the Soleus Air CFM-40 40-Pint Dehumidifier, over 700 customer reviews are available. This is an indication of the popularity of the product. Most of the customers love the fact that it is very quiet in operation. Another wonderful feature is that it is low maintenance and does what it promises. 360 customers rate this unit at 5-star and some only had to clean the filter at the back, a task that takes all of five minutes to complete and the unit works well. One customer has had this unit for over 3 years and has had problem-free operation during this entire time. All they have had to do is wash the filter. Click here to read more reviews on Amazon.

When you use a product for what it is intended, then you end up enjoying the benefits it has to offer. You save your money and time in the process. Setting up the Soleus Air CFM-40 dehumidifier is pretty easy and this ensures that it works well for many years.

The Soleus Air CFM-40 40-Pint Dehumidifier is definitely the solution to your humidity problems. It works like a charm and you protect your home and property as well as keeping yourself in good health. Click here to save $78 for a limited time only!

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