Frigidaire FDR25S1 25-PINT Dehumidifier Review

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You can get you home and environment properly treated with Frigidaire 25-PINT Dehumidifier. It’s a unique product that helps in removing excess water from the air flowing into your home and environment. This prevents the growth of mildew and mold. Click here to buy from Amazon with 48% discount Now!

Frigidaire FDR25S1 Dehumidifier Features

The Frigidaire 25-PINT is an Energy Star-Compliant unit that has the capacity to dehumidify up to 25 pints of water in a day especially in a medium sized area. It also has the capacity to continue working even when it’s kept near a suitable drain.  With its permanent and washable filter, the unit removes airborne particles and moisture. It usually tilts out   in order to work very well.

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The unit comes with excellent features. it has easy-to-use electronic controls. You simply press the right button to set it into operation. It also comes with 2-speed fan for easy operation.  It has 17-pint bucket and a level indicator that normally signals and shuts off automatically when the container is very full.  The unit also has an auto-restart function.  This makes it to work in an automatic manner.

Frigidaire 25-PINT Dehumidifier is very portable.  It comes with caster wheels for easy carriage.  It measures 15.4W x 23.6H x 13.4D inches. It also weighs 41 pounds.  It comes with an excellent 1-year warranty as well.

There are several benefits that come with the unit.  The Frigidaire 25-PINT as an efficient dehumidifier removes moisture from small sized areas.  Its cater wheels makes it very easy to be carried around.  The wheels provide an excellent way of taking the unit from one room to the other whenever it’s needed.

Generally, the unit is very easy to use. it comes with several user-friendly features. it has a unique level indicator signal and also runs on low temperature. It’s very versatile especially when it removes airborne particles and moisture from rooms.

Frigidaire FDR25S1 Dehumidifier Review

Currently, the Frigidaire 25-PINT Dehumidifier has attracted several reviews at Amazon and other online shopping malls. It has been rated so high by users and online shopping malls. It currently has 5.0 out of 5 starts there at Amazon.   This goes a long way to showing how reliable it can be.

Many customers who reviewed the unit at Amazon have a lot to say.  One customer was astonished at how the unique carries out its task.  He ended up saying the unit is simply an excellent product.  Another customer was very happy with the price of the product. He says the price is very okay for the unit since it does excellent job.

Apart from the positive comments, there are few negative comments seen in some of the reviews. One customer says the unit flooded after the washing session. This is as a result of mishandling.  The customer must have pressed a wrong button.

In any case, the fact remains that Frigidaire 25-PINT Dehumidifier is a very unique unit you can always use.  it comes with excellent features and also does a great job.  You’ll always have the best of time using it. Click here to SAVE $145 for a limited time only!

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Top Rated Dehumidifier February 28th, 2012 (#)

Wonderful review on this Frigidaire Dehumidifier unit! I think one of the best and efficient way to avoid mold problems at home is to get one of the top rated dehumidifiers in the market. I got my dehumidifier for years and I can say that it is truly one of the best to control the humidity level at home.

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